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Community Gardens Progress Report 🌱 Summer 2023

Welcome to our vlog update for the Beautification Committee Community Gardens for Wellington Heights Cedar Rapids, Iowa #WHCRIA

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What's next? August brings with it visiting Master Gardeners from the state. We're excited.

Scurrying to finish tidying the 390 garden in July. Design and make a list of needs for the shed, free farmers markets installation, outdoor prep and kitchen spaces, & water harvesting. Then, move onto gathering more materials and building one project at a time. #MulchMadness continues ... next up, edging Peace Corner with repurposed pavers to make way for a large strawberry garden. AND, build relationships as we develop the distribution model for produce. While working with United Way on designing a volunteer system.

Committee Meetings No meeting in July or August while we focus on current goals preparing for the state MG visit. Monthly planning corresponds to MG and or group event scheduling until further notice. In-person or digital meetings and rebroadcasting on the Youtube channel are being considered. If interested and for more information text or call (319) 308-8808. Next blog update will arrive in October. This will include progress on the Youtube channel and blog here for your reading pleasure. Subscribe to the channel for visual updates arriving between blogs. Watch on TV for wow will ya look at that effect ❤️ Thank you, generosity of people, donations of materials, and a lot of one and done projects to set up the gardens. We appreciate volunteers. Working on strategies for laying the foundation of community gardening based on what works and adjust when needed.

We appreciate your dedication to keeping up to date by subscribing to our Youtube channel vlog and visiting the blog 😁 Sharing is Caring Once the Free Farmers Market is set up extra produce is welcome 24/7 for distribution within the community. Overstock transferred to Feed Iowa First or composted. Seeds for the FOMO Seed Library when we announce this is set up. Whether a weed queen, king, whatever your interest, or a cash donation we appreciate any support you can offer. 🌱Volunteers get first dibs on delicious organic produce. It pays to donate time ❤️ Questions or interest in helping text or call (319) 308-8808. Please share your name, email, and the best time to chat. Happy Summer! Kind regards from the Beautification Committee and all our many members throughout the city. We welcome all regardless of ability or background. See you soon 😁


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