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VOTE 2/14 at 7 pm online or in person

Show ❤️ for Wellington Heights voting for Board Members online using the Zoom link

Meeting ID=815 1027 6591


OR, posted at use a laptop, desktop, mobile, or phone in

OR, in person at 400 16th St SE

Click on the website at to sign up for updates and see what’s new.

Candidates submitted to the Election Committee: Eric Gutschmidt, Dan Borngraeber, Keeyon Carter, Tamara Marcus

  1. President - Eric Gutschmidt

  2. Tresurer - Dan Borngraeber

  3. Secretary - David Potthoff

  4. At Large - Katelyn Potter

  5. Alternate - Rachael Potthoff

  6. Alternate - Brad Bergeson

If you are interested in submitting your name may do so on the night of the election at the meeting. The following is an excerpt from the bylaws explaining the opportunity:

Section 4.02 Board of Directors- Nominations and Election

The slate of nominees will be presented at the annual membership meeting. Other nominations from the floor will also be accepted at the annual meeting.

Written ballots are required if there are more nominees than there are positions to fill. The count is conducted by the Nominating Committee and the chair will report the results to the membership. The nominee receiving the largest number of votes will be elected.

Thanks for your neighborly support ❤️


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