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Wellington Heights Neighborhood Community Building is located at 392 15th St SE, Cedar Rapids, IA. 

Founded in 1988, Wellington Heights Neighborhood Association (WHNA) became a Non-Profit Organization grounded upon the principles of Preservation - improve and maintain, Restoration - building bridges with diversity, Cooperation - community involvement is key, and Recreation - connecting neighborhood fun. 

Today, WHNA is the largest and most established active community within the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Our mission as an organization is to promote and improve Wellington Heights. The neighborhood association welcomes volunteers and on occasion hires highly motivated locals who share a deep desire to help us with our mission.

A volunteer organization dedicated to making the community a better place to live. This group is open for anyone to participate. There is no fee to join. The association is open to suggestions for different events to be held in the neighborhood. Collaborative and creative programming with community engagement is the core strategy.


Discover more about innovative campaigns and get in touch to stay up to date regarding WHNA's latest efforts by visiting the community meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at the old Paul Engle Center now known as Wellington Heights Community Church click for map

Online Zoom meetings are available live. Check the news feed for the announcement link here. In the future rebroadcast meetings will be posted to the youtube channel and a link posted here. Volunteers are doing their best to improve availability. Thank you for your patience.


All are welcome to attend. Sign up for opportunities to connect with neighbors, activities, and ways to be involved within the community. Plus, find out what programs and options are available from the city, neighboring organizations, and more. 

At the moment news updates are posted to Facebook or scroll through the section without an account here

Historical information:

"The Paul Engle Center was in the heart of the Wellington Heights neighborhood on the southeast side of Cedar Rapids. It is historically known as the W.J. Burton House, and named after poet and Cedar Rapids native, Paul Engle". Located at 1600 4th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA. Currently, the Paul Engle Association for Creative Arts continues to meet at the same building. You can reach them by writing: PO Box 2756, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406.

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