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Founded in 1988, Wellington Heights Neighborhood Association (WHNA) became a Non-Profit Organization grounded upon the principles of Preservation - improve and maintain, Restoration - building bridges with diversity, Cooperation - community involvement is key, and Recreation - connecting neighborhood fun. 

Today, WHNA is the oldest, largest, and most active neighborhood in the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Our mission as an organization is to promote and improve Wellington Heights. The neighborhood association welcomes volunteers and on occasion hires highly motivated community members who share a deep desire to help us with our mission.  


A volunteer organization dedicated to making the community a better place to live. This group is open for anyone to participate. There is no fee to join. The association is also open to suggestions for different events to be held in the neighborhood. Collaborative and creative programming and community engagement are at the core of their strategy.

Engagement Committee 

The Wellington Heights Neighborhood Engagement Program seeks to work together as a community to promote the peace and flourishing of the Wellington Heights neighborhood. This program is funded by the Safe, Equitable, and Thriving grant of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation in partnership with Wellington Heights Community Church.

The intention of this program is to provide street outreach and engage families in the Wellington Heights neighborhood with neighborhood listening sessions, porch check-ins with designated families, and peace walks.

Redmond Park Committee 

Program the Park Committee is dedicated to leveraging innovative programming and the arts in Redmond Park to improve the safety, livability, and potential of the Wellington Heights neighborhood.

  • Our Program the Park effort will feature free public events and activities from Spring-Fall meant to bring vibrancy to the park while promoting health, wellness, and the arts.

  • We work to enhance the park experience by focusing on small-scale amenities and improvements to create large-scale wins.

  • We promote stewardship of the park through litter collection, tree planting, and gardening events.

Beautification Committee

Empowering participation, investment, and promotion for improving the beauty of Wellington Heights. Tidy lawns to laughter elevate happiness. Encourage our growth as a budding hub of Linn County. 

The purpose of this committee is to improve the overall attitude and appearance of the neighborhood in conjunction with other committees, city, and community efforts. This in turn attracts more business and interest in our neighborhood within Cedar Rapids for decades to come. 

Updates post monthly to the blog here. For inquiries to support via volunteer, donate funds, produce, materials, or interviews please reach out to the committee chair Kim Phillips.  

Finance Committee

The purpose of this committee is to work together assisting the treasurer with duties outlined in Wellington Heights Association bylaws per Section 4.05 D. For inquiries contact the treasure Dan Borngraeber.

Nuisance Committee

The purpose of this committee is to work with the city of Cedar Rapids to locate and resolve nuisance ordinance issues within the Wellington Heights neighborhood. For inquiries contact, the president Eric Gutschmidt.

Landlord Committee 

The purpose of this committee is to work toward 'shaping the future for' property owners and renters within the Wellington Heights neighborhood. For inquiries contact, the president Eric Gutschmidt.


You must be a landlord within the community of Wellington Heights to be on this committee. 

For more information on becoming a landlord click Landlords of Linn County

Digital Ecosystem Facilitator

A local business owner and resident, Kim (waving), has taken on the task of donating time to the community spotlighting the southeast side of Wellington Heights of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in glimpses building this website.


The purpose is to showcase the best and brightest we have to offer as a community. Welcoming everyone to find your niche and enjoy living on our sweet established South Eastern side of Linn County within historic Wellington Heights, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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