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Art in the Park Redmond Park Wellington Heights


Thank you

Linn County Master Gardener Association - What can we say? Wow. Wow. Wow. Besides guidance, design, and encouragement, Beula and Jane went to town rallying experts to rehab Wellington Heights community gardens with beautiful bed builds donated with grant funds. Plus, ongoing coordination. Donation of seedlings and seeds to kick start perennials and annuals. Including a plethora of materials to help grow the knowledge in print and digital distribution. Assistance with children's education materials and activity organization. Support design for independent water sourcing for both locations.

Lowes Home Improvement in Coralville, store#1688 - plexiglass donation to repair a Little Library and info for future project donations. When the manager, Sarah, found out that we were using the part for donating it. Encouraged us to ask for assistance with future projects. This small gesture means so much to the neighbors of Wellington Heights. 

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