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Wellington Heights Cedar Rapids Iowa WHCRIA
Sunset Beyond the Storm, Wellington Heights #WHCRIA

Welcome to the Wellington Heights of Cedar Rapids within Linn County Iowa. We are a community that collectively believes in family, friends, and fun. This site is created with residents, visitors, the city of Cedar Rapids, and YOU in mind.

Years go by

“Why is the community revitalizing? We recognize the need for engagement with each other is super important to keeping us safe, connected, and neighborly. The alternative is higher crime, frustration, and we aren't able to attract the people who would enjoy our neighborhood as much as we do at affordably priced housing."

What is even better about the southeast side of Cedar Rapids, Iowa is we are on track to invite even more amazing activities, and opportunities, and best of all YOU are a part of the connection.

Ways to get involved

Whether choosing an event, volunteer time, or one of our many groups. There is often something interesting going on on our side of the city of Cedar Rapids.

“We love family. We are friends. We have fun."

Single? No problem. In southeastern Cedar Rapids, we engage together creating an atmosphere of family through opportunities. Children or not there is a variety either within our geography or within our city. Our neighborhood includes downtown and adjoining communities that make up the soul of our spirit. Including NewBo City, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, African American Museum, Theater CR, Paramount, CSPS, Wellington Heights historic district many restaurants, movie theaters, and much much more.

Ways to get involved

As this website grows so will connections. Ideas are a business network list for brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs available to hire within our immediate geography. Sponsors from local businesses and individuals supporting the costs of this site. Including swag to brag. 100% of proceeds go back into the neighborhood for programming and event fun.

Please consider shopping our sponsors to show thanks. Creating revenue for this website's expansion for the benefit of our community.

Volunteer opportunities

Local community theater to Redmond Park. Organizations like the Wellington Heights Neighborhood Association with its 6000 plus members. Engagement to Beautification Committee, and more.

There is something for everyone. If not, we LOVE and APPRECIATE suggestions.

Neighbor Kim Phillips 😁 donated time to develop the website for the community. Spotlighting the southeast side of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in Wellington Heights.

The goal is to showcase the best and brightest we have to offer as a community.

Wellington Heights welcomes everyone to find their niche. Enjoy living and playing on our sweet established historic South Eastern side of Linn County.


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