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Beautification Update 1/2023

Hi! I’m Kim representing the Beautification Committee today

In case you missed our Haunted Graveyard this fall ...

Check out the most recent blog hosting the short film, a dozen photos of the event, and a short review at The film is on YouTube @WHCRIA. Click like and subscribe to show support and be notified of new videos.

Beautification Committee is very thankful for the opportunity to serve the community. Hoping you and your special people had a wonderful holiday season of joy and happiness.

Committee winter highlights:

We met with Master Gardeners of Linn County yesterday. Beula and Jane were very enthusiastic about being involved again. Prior to covid disruptions, our gardens at peace corner and wellington were on the community garden tour route they host regularly. They were very active in planning, helping with grants, education for the community, and so much more.

What is especially wonderful is nothing we shared at the meeting seemed unsurmountable to them. Like, how to coordinate the free farmer market to the seed-to-table cooking show segments partnering with the information provided to support us in connecting with resources, funds, and people. With the team approach, we will begin 2023 at the base of growing a better community together. Build onward from this core 

Little Library Project will continue mapping Wellington Heights little libraries, connecting with the host(s), list of repairs if needed, plus gathering sponsors and supplies. I’ve got several boxes of books excited to be delivered to their new friends 

The website went through its annual check-up for accessibility, speed maintenance, and SEO or site engine optimization tune-up. Additions. Including promoting sponsors, and businesses like lawn care for the upcoming season, etc.

For educational purposes to understand the significance of these digital checkups for the community thought I’d add a segment for comprehension.

The website exceeds accessibility standards elevating from a double A to triple A status with only a 2% margin of error for 2023 meaning we’re peaking at 98 percental in access for those digitally impaired. What this means for users whether visually or with other disabilities with their equipment will easily access information on the site for navigation and information.

The site is bilingual for Spanish-speaking users. Just click the country tab to switch back and forth on either mobile or desk and laptop versions. In the future may add more languages depending on the need.

Special note, not all information translates, like downloadable documents.

Our digital presence is continuously improving via search engines and engagement. We’ve had people sign up every month since launching about a year ago helping us reach more people interested in seeing Wellington Heights succeed.

As the digital ecosystem facilitator this is especially humbling to be able to provide this level and more options of community online integrity for users and help improve our online relationship throughout the community and city 

Do you or someone you know need snow removal? Consider hiring and recommending from our community listed in the directory at W H for Wellington Heights CR for Cedar Rapids and IA for Iowa.

How can you donate? Use the button in the footer of the website .

While down there drop your email in the box, SO you can receive blogs directly. No SPAM. Only an occasional update. Plus, you can always jump on the website to check out events that may be posted to blog updates. They’re short and juicy with info 

Another way to help cost ZERO is if you shop at amazon consider adopting this association through the other link in the footer.

Since locating here personally helped raise a couple of hundred dollars for feed Iowa first simply by purchasing products on Amazon-affiliated with the smile program. Regardless of who you choose sign-up and help an organization.

We hope you’ll connect with the blog notices. Consider getting involved once a year, a few times a year, or seasonally. To include as a member of the board by running at the next meeting in February for a position. Find ways you can engage at your level and ability. We don’t need perfect people. Willingness to support building a better community together is the key

If you have any questions or are interested in helping occasionally let us know by text or call (319) 308-8808.

Have a wonderful safe month. Thank you. 

Again, I’m Kim. We appreciate your participation tonight 


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